School Values

Lakelands 5 School Values


1. Leadership

All staff, students and parents are expected to lead by example, model appropriate behaviour and work to the best of their ability

2. Courage

We have the courage to stand up for what is right and we have the confidence to make positive choices and decisions.

3. Responsibility

We are enthusiastic about learning and strive to achieve our potential. We set goals and persevere to achieve these and we accept our responsibility to behave in a way that not only supports our learning, but also those around us.

4. Respect

We respect ourselves and others, regardless of our origins, beliefs or physical differences. We respect our environment and will work to ensure its long term sustainability. We value mateship and always show good sportsman like behaviour.

5. Co-operation

We enjoy working with others and work to build positive relationships. We are always willing to have a go and we encourage others to participate.