TB 1.4 – Mrs Sallur


PARENT HELP ROSTER: Please put your name down on our Parent Help Roster in the classroom when you are available. You will need to sign in as a visitor at the front office before coming to class and helping until 10.50am. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Parents have your say TB1.4 2017 Have you sent this form in yet. This provides us with valuable information about your child.

1.4 news term 1 2017    Keep track of NEWS days and topics.

parent welcome newsletter TB 1.4 2017 You will find my email address here if you would like to email your child’s photo through for the day. Please keep in mind that the Department of Education limits file sizes to 5MB otherwise the email will bounce back to you.

history note

Phase Two tricky and hight frequency words  We are working towards learning these sight words this Semester. You can print these words and support your child at home. We don’t sound out these words. “We learn them by sight”.

FlashcardsSets123  These are the sounds we are focusing on this term! We will certainly look at more letters, but these are our focus. You can print these also if you would like to support your child’s learning. Have fun!!

Here are 2 charts to guide you when helping your child with Reading and Maths.

reading tips Maths at home