TB 1.6 – Mrs Dingli & Mrs Barr

Welcome to TB1.6

Your classroom teachers are:

  • Mrs Dingli (Monday to Thursday)   Christine.Dingli@education.wa.edu.au

  • Mrs Emma Barr  (Friday) Emma.Barr@education.wa.edu.au

Education Assistants:

  • Mrs Julie Cook (Monday)

  • Mrs Miranda Heath (Tuesday to Friday)

Please Note: The Blog on this page is listed from the last posting date.

 Term 2

Monday 1st May — Week 2

Farmyard on Wheels

A permission note went home last Thursday for our Farmyard on Wheels. If you have not sighted it please let me know.

Pre-Primary Mother’s Day Craft Afternoon

Our Mother’s Day Craft Afternoon for Pre-Primary mums will be held on Wednesday 10th of May at 2pm—next week. I will be hosting it for both TB1.6 and TB1.3. It will be in TB1.3 as they have a lovey big room. An invitation went home today.

Health Program for Term 2

Our Health program for Term 2 covers Healthy Eating and the difference between Healthy Foods (Always Foods) and Unhealthy Foods (Sometimes Foods). Students will be looking at what they eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which includes exploring ‘What’s in My Lunchbox’.


Monday 24th April — Week 1

Welcome to a very busy Term 2.

Mrs Emma Barr

At the end of last we said farewell to Mrs Quinlin as she has relocated with her family to Queensland. We welcome Mrs Emma Barr to TB1.6. Mrs Barr has taken over Mrs Quinlin’s roll of teaching Measurement, History and Geography on Friday’s.

Home Readers 

Home readers will be going home this week. Students are encouraged to read the book each night and refer to the Yellow Book mark given out last term for tips on how to help your child develop in their reading. Home readers will be changed every Monday.

News Roster

There will be no daily news roster this term. When students are chosen to be the PAThS Kid for the day, they will take home Peter the Parrot for the night. It is important that Peter is returned to school the next day regardless if your child had a chance to record their reflections. as this could result in the next child missing outThere are resources in the backpack that comes along with Peter for students to record their home adventure.

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds

We have started Phase 3 of our Letters and Sounds program.  Refer to the letters and sounds web site for the sequence of sounds and resources.


Oxford Word List

During Term 1 students practised the first 10 words from the Oxford Owl word list. Our Goal for Term 2 is to practise the next 10 words. These can be found in your child’s purple folder or see the whole word list through this link:      Oxford Word List 1


Our maths focus this term is looking at the correct way to write numbers (number formation), number lines (what number is before a given number and what number comes after that number e.g. focus number is 7 therefor 6  comes before 7 and 8 comes after 7) and splitting numbers quantities in parts, eg. 4 can be split into: 0 and 4 , 1 and 3, 2 and 2.

 Term 1

20th March — Week 8

Parent interviews start on Monday (20th March). Please pick up your child promptly otherwise students will need to be collected from the office after 3pm.

Constable Care consent forms went home last week. Thank you for signing and returning this form promptly.

This week we celebrate Harmony Day and through my English and Health program, our book focus is Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. We will be talking about how ‘special and unique’ we all are and celebrating our similarities and differences.

From time to time, I will place items that we use in class on our Donation Wish List. Thank you to the families who have already responded and donated pasta and cream of tartar. Every little bit helps.

13th March –Week 7:

  • Parent / Teacher meeting roster in now up in class. Please place your name within a time slot so I can meet with you. It is a requirement of our school that I meet with every family in Term 1. Please see me if you have any difficulties regarding these meeting.

  • Sight word folders went home last week. I will check our children’s sight word progress every Monday.

  • Please do not write in the Reading Log as this is for the Hard copy home readers which will go home when we receive our supply.

  • Constable Care incursion forms will go home today. There is no cost to this incursion. Please sign the consent form and return it to class.

5th March — Week 6:

We have been working on the first 10 words of the Oxford Word list:    Oxford Word List 1

You now have all received your child’s Oxford Owl Reading password. Follow the prompts to log on to electronic books set to your child’s reading level.

3rd March — end of week 5

Students have settled into our classroom routine nicely and have made new friendships with their classmates. I have uploaded information given out so far and resources that we use in the classroom to support our Literacy program.

parent welcome newsletter TB 1.6 2017

Parents have your say TB1.6 2017

history note

News Roster Term 1 TB1.6

Phase Two tricky and sight frequency words