Schools and You

The Department of Education has a website that provides information on ways to help your child. The Schools and You website has a range of booklets which give you excellent ideas for helping your child with Mathematics and English in everyday life.


Ideas to help to develop your child’s literacy skills:

• Read every day with your child. This may include books, recipes, rules for the games you play etc

• Sing nursery rhymes, songs and funny poems. Make up silly rhyming words with names or objects eg “cat bat” or “Mummy wummy”

• Clap syllables in name and words eg “dol-phin” “Me-gan’

• Point out words, talk about letters, words and sentences

• Focus on the beginning sounds in words. Encourage your child to verbalise the sound. Eg Daddy starts with a ‘d’ sound

• Teach your child how to recognise their own name. Provide paper and pencils so they can practice writing their name.


Ideas to help to develop your child’s numeracy skills:

• Count everything! Count the carrot sticks on the plate, count the cars in the box, count how many wheels on the truck
• When counting objects make sure they touch each object only once
• Ask your child to collect objects for you. At the shops you could say “please get me 3 red apples”. During put away time say “please get 4 cars for me”
• Point out numbers – they are everywhere! Eg on the letterbox, street signs, clocks, number plates etc
• Use mathematical language when talking with your child Eg talk about smaller, taller, heavier, lighter, on, over, under, behind, shapes, colours and patterns.