TB 2.3 – Mrs Kolk (Yr 2/3)


In year 2 we are learning to use the Victorian Modern un-joined font.

Please take a look at the letter formation guidance for right handed and left handed students.

We use dotted thirds handwriting paper to help the students with letter scale and formation which can be accessed on-line or downloaded here; dotted-thirds


Oxford Sight Words

We have been learning to read and spell the Oxford Sight Word list.  Feel free to continue practising at home too!



100 Days of School

This term we have celebrated ‘100 Days of School!’ – we are 100 days smarter :)

We had lots of fun hunting Freddo Frogs, threading Cheerio necklaces, having risoni races, making 100 piece jig-saw puzzles, painting bubble gum machines with 100 bubble gum balls inside and making tumbling towers with 100 plastic cups!