TB 4.1 – Mrs Clucas


According to the school policy, homework for students in Years 1 – 6 should include regular reading and consolidation of work covered in class. It is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes per night (Monday to Thursday).

Each month your child will bring home a ‘Homework Calendar’. The calendar will include a range of activities; some of which are intended to consolidate your child’s understanding of the topics covered in class however there are also a range of ‘social’ activities which are intended to encourage and develop turn taking, responsibility and effective communication skills. Students are required to select and complete 16 activities each month as a minimum but can finish the entire grid if they would like to!

Please sign each activity off on the sheet as your child completes each task. Your signature is confirmation that the task has been completed, I do not need evidence of each task but will collect the completed calendar on the last Friday of each month.

February Homework Calendar

March Homework Calendar



All students were assessed for spelling age and capability at the beginning of the year.  As a result of these assessments all students in the class have been placed into streamed spelling groups.  The focus of the spelling program used in class is identification of syllables and sound blends.  We will have a spelling test once a week where the previous weeks spelling list is tested.  The reason for this is to assess the students retention of the spelling strategies taught in class rather than their ability to spell their words by rote.

Red Group Term 1

Green Group Term 1

Blue Group Term 1



Students in years 5/6 are expected to loan two books per week from the Library. Loans may be renewed on a weekly basis using the bookmarks available in class.

Students MUST have a library bag in order to loan books, we have a strict ‘No bag, no book’ policy.

Our library day is: Friday



I encourage students to read at home on a daily basis and would appreciate your co-operation in developing good reading habits.

Please support your child to read at home, they can read whatever takes their fancy – fairy tales, football programs, take away menus, grocery catalogues, information books or fashion magazines!

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go! -Dr. Seuss